KWHero Spotlight: Cybersecurity Marketer Ranks at #2 on Google in 3 Days with KWHero

A featured image for an article doing a brief overview of how KWHero helped a user rank at position 2 on Google's SERPs in 3 days.

After going live on AppSumo, we started getting a lot of positive feedback from our users. Many of them praised the tool while offering very valuable suggestions on how to improve it. One positive review that we found very interesting was from a user named Bruce Martin. Bruce is a cybersecurity marketing professional with a … Read more

New Content Series: KWHero Spotlights

A featured image for an article introducing KWHero's new content series called KWHero Spotlights.

If you’ve been keeping up with us at KWHero, you probably already know that we’ve had a lifetime deal going on at AppSumo for a couple of weeks now. Between February 12th, when we initially launched the deal, and now, we’ve gotten a ton of feedback that’s helped us improve our product and even build … Read more

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