KWHero Spotlight: Local Business Ranks on Google’s First Page in 2 Days with KWHero

Local businesses are surprisingly competitive and there’s almost always someone around the corner who does what you do.

To stay in business in the face of these competitors, you need to find a way to get ahead in your marketing. That’s precisely what Timothy Allsworth did with KWHero for one of his clients and the results were very satisfactory. But, please, don’t just take our word for it.


Timothy Allsworth runs Custom Web Creations, a web design and SEO agency in Brisbane, Australia. His agency caters to different clients but the most striking for us is Carpentry Worx, a woodwork company also in Australia. 

Like several of our users in the last few weeks, Timothy found that he couldn’t just pass on our AppSumo lifetime deal. So, he made the purchase and got right to work.


Taking the unique needs of his client into consideration, Timothy created a few service pages with KWHero and published them on the Carpentry Worx website. 

The thing with services pages, though, is that they require a bit more context than blogs. The average blog post already has multiple people writing about the same subject. KWHero simply takes those and outdoes them. 

Service and landing pages, on the other hand, are a bit more unique and require more guidance. So, being an SEO professional himself, Timothy did the following:

  • Researched and identified the keywords he wanted to rank for
  • Put them in a content plan with different primary keywords for different pages
  • Provided just the right amount of context in each part of the outline created by KWHero and edited the outline accordingly after doing some research himself, of course.
  • Generated the article and made changes as required. Specifically, Timothy told us all about how he enriched the content by adding internal links to similar services, turning the page into a pillar page of sorts. He also included external links to different sources, including the government licensing website to emphasize the client’s credentials in their industry.
  • Uploaded and ensured the pages had no issues getting crawled and indexed in the first place


First off, keep in mind that the pages created didn’t exist before. So, it’s not as though they already had a lot going on for them SEO-wise.

Less than three days later, Timothy noticed a page one rank for two of his newly-generated service pages under relevant keywords in Australia for his client.

Note the parts of the screenshot above marked out in red squares. Out of curiosity, we used a third-party tool (Ahrefs) to check the keyword – deck repair services – in Australia. 

It came as no surprise that the article generated by KWHero is still ranking on the front page as of the time of writing this.

The second ranking page was at the very top of the SERPs as a featured snippet, as seen in the screenshot below.

Update: As of the time of writing this update, Google seems to have removed featured snippets for the “deck rebuild services” keyword in Australia. This is completely normal and happens from time to time.

Wrapping Up

The results achieved in Timothy’s short time using KWHero came with minimal effort and he can potentially focus on other parts of his client’s business that he enjoys. 

This, among several other benefits, is what KWHero offers. Sign up now and skyrocket your content marketing game in record time.

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