KWHero Spotlight: Cybersecurity Marketer Ranks at #2 on Google in 3 Days with KWHero

After going live on AppSumo, we started getting a lot of positive feedback from our users. Many of them praised the tool while offering very valuable suggestions on how to improve it.

One positive review that we found very interesting was from a user named Bruce Martin.

Bruce is a cybersecurity marketing professional with a good few decades of marketing experience under his belt.

He used KWHero in the first few days of its AppSumo launch to write an article about Cybersecurity Marketing on LinkedIn Pulse and shot up to the front page in just three days.

We checked ourselves and, as of the time of writing this spotlight, he’s already in the very first position for his target keyword, compared to the second rank he held when he left his initial review. 

See screenshot below.

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice that he’s currently ranking for his intended target keyword — “cybersecurity marketing funnel.” 

However, we decided to play around a bit just to see how he’d do with a broader and more competitive keyword like “cybersecurity marketing.”

The screenshot below is the result we got.

There are a few disclaimers, though.

First off, like any other article, the position varies, depending on where in the world you’re searching from. The lowest we saw was the 13th position in the United States for the broader term, “cybersecurity marketing.”

Secondly, LinkedIn’s incredible domain power/authority – 90+ – would’ve likely given the article a good boost. But, then again, there are several articles on LinkedIn Pulse, the same platform Bruce Martin used, and his piece still ranks heads and shoulders above all of them. 

The difference? He used KWHero.

Our all-in-one content suite is designed to give you an edge at the SERPs against your competitors and, as you’ve seen above, we have the results to prove it.

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