New Content Series: KWHero Spotlights

If you’ve been keeping up with us at KWHero, you probably already know that we’ve had a lifetime deal going on at AppSumo for a couple of weeks now.

Between February 12th, when we initially launched the deal, and now, we’ve gotten a ton of feedback that’s helped us improve our product and even build a roadmap for further improvements and updates.

More importantly, though, we’ve seen our awesome Keyword Heroes create content that has generated remarkable results on Google’s SERPs in record time.

To spotlight these results, we’re going to be creating a content series titled “KWHero Spotlights.”

The content we’ll write here won’t be full-length case studies like how we scaled an agency to 1.5m words monthly or how we helped a site rank for 1800 keywords in two months. They won’t be brief testimonials like these either.

They’ll rest somewhere in between, giving you just the right amount of details you need about a project with undeniable evidence — plus or minus a little good word from the KWHero users involved.

Feel free to share these soon as you come across them.

And, yes, “Keyword Heroes” is our first attempt at a community nickname. 🙂

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