Moving Up 25 Spots to Page One in 24 Hours: Here’s How

About a month ago, one of our users had a pillar page meant to capture and convert leads stuck in the 33rd position — you know, SERP hell. We’ll call them Company XYZ.

They picked up KWHero for a much-needed content refresh and went up to the 8th position in less than 24 hours. We see this scenario pretty often at KWHero but it’s still exciting every time!

Let’s dive into how they did it.

About the Company

While we can’t reveal the URL, we will offer details that might help you draw parallels and see that their results are achievable for you too.

Domain Age: 1½ Years (approx.)
Domain Authority: 63.00
Page Authority: 31.00
Page Backlinks: 11

Company XYZ’s Challenge

Google’s ranking algorithms can be tricky. Big publications get rewarded, even if they’re not experts in a niche and well-written content just doesn’t always rank in the face of up-to-date competition. 

Company XYZ’s challenge was the latter and they needed to do something to improve their performance at the SERPs.

Content Refresh by KWHero

Sometimes, instead of fresh content, you just need to fix what’s  not working. Company XYZ did just that with KWHero. The process was straightforward:

  • Refresh the pillar page content using KWHero’s AI
  • Submit the refreshed page for reindexing. This part was important because without indexing, Google will not rank you.
  • Wait. 

Apparently, Good Things Don’t Always Take Time

In less than twelve hours, Company XYZ reported an uptick from position 33 to 12. 

Then, they went up four more positions, representing a 75.7% increase in roughly 24 hours.

We double-checked and confirmed that they did get in the top ten for their targeted keyword.

Wrapping Up

In just a month with KWHero, Company XYZ was able to move up from obscurity in the 33rd position to the first page with nothing but a KWHero-powered content refresh. 

Now, given the dynamism of Google’s algorithms, rankings may or may not fluctuate later. However, the results they’ve achieved show the efficiency of KWHero when used right.

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