How a New Site Ranked 1,800 Keywords in Two Months

Case study about how KWHero helped a new website rank 1800 keywords in just two months.

Two words — Google Sandbox. This purgatory of sorts is where all new websites are rumored to go before Google makes the final decision to rank them and in what position to do so. Much like purgatory, people have debated whether or not the sandbox actually exists. Regardless of which side of the divide you … Read more

Scaling an SEO Agency to 1.5 Million Words a Month

A case study about how an SEO agency was able to scale their content output from 200k words to 1.5 million words per month with KWHero.

Our story at Web Asset Builders is pretty straightforward.  We started out a couple years ago. We grew very fast. We had our hiring process nailed, with over 11,000 applicants to-date. We had a custom hiring app made for hiring and grading writers easily. We only ever hired only 2.5% of all applicants, not all … Read more

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