AI-Powered Content Planning, Outlines, Writing & SEO/NLP Optimization

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What Early Adopters Say


Marc Johnston

Affiliate Marketer

I’ve tried many AI tools and writers with some success. The ability to need minimal edits and NLP is what makes it different…

KWHero is on its way to replacing a lot of them. It has become my go to tool to write optimized content fast.


Mariam Rafaqat

Content Manager at Web Asset Builders

KWhero has been a complete game-changer for our SEO workflow at WAB. Thanks to our early access, in just two months we were able to redefine our strategies and now offer new, premium packages to our clients, something that wasn’t possible before. Our content got better, we produce it much faster, and our editors love working with it as it’s a HUGE time saver.


Meputaife Joseph

Freelance SEO Content Writer

KWHero is a top-notch outline and content creation tool. I use it to write SEO-friendly articles and blog posts that need minimal editing, if at all. Creating NLP-Optimized content become effortless with KWHero, and I have yet to encounter another content creation tool with half the capability – though they’re usually 3x the cost!

Why Choose KWHero?

  • Go from a simple keyword to content plans with topic clusters, to perfectly optimized outlines and articles following custom writing and word count instructions in any language, in just minutes
  • Lightning-fast Keyword Ideas, SERP & Competitor Analysis
  • Content Editors with NLP suggestions based on your competition’s content
  • AI-Powered SEO Outlines
  • NLP-Optimized AI Content in Any Language
  • Customizable Outline Builder
  • Simulate Human Writing to ditch annoying AI content detectors
  • SEO Content Planning
  • Publishing to WordPress
  • Sharing & Collaboration
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Monthly Yearly

Get the $39 plan for $0, forever!

Sign up for our waitlist as we work on scaling and providing access to everyone:


Keyword Analysis

Empower your SEO strategy with precision keyword targeting.

Keyword Clustering

Group related keywords effortlessly for high-powered content strategies.

Competition Analysis

Unveil competitors’ SEO secrets and claim the upper hand.

AI Optimized Outline Building

Leverage AI to sculpt precise, compelling content outlines.

AI Content Writing & Optimization

Create SEO-rich content effortlessly with advanced AI guidance.

Sharing & Collaboration

Coordinate seamlessly, sharing insights and strategies across teams.

Get the $39 plan for $0, forever!

Sign up for our waitlist as we work on scaling and providing access to everyone:

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