How to Get a GPT-4 API Key

1- Create an account to get your GPT-4 API key

2. Confirm that you have access to GPT-4

Go to the Playground, select “Chat”, and make sure you have the GPT-4 models in your “Models” list:

3. Generate an API key

  • Visit and click the button to create a new secret key
  • A popup window will appear, give your key a name then click create
  • Your key will be generated. Make sure to save it somewhere, as you won’t be able to see it once you leave the page

4. Add your GPT-4 API key in KWHero

Finally, you can use the generated API key in your KWHero account.

  • Go to Profile > Bring Your Own Keys
  • Add the API key you created
  • Click “Test API”
  • If the test passes, click “Save”. You will now have 10X the AI Credits and your API key will be used when making requests to OpenAI.
  • If the test doesn’t pass, please go back through the steps and confirm that you have access to GPT-4, and that the API key you’re saving is the exact same one you just created.

5. Troubleshooting errors on “Test API”

If did all of the above but you’re getting on error when clicking “Test API”, 95% of the time there will be a billing issue with your OpenAI account.

Check your OpenAI Billing and make sure your account has no outstanding balance, and is topped up.

And then make sure you can actually use the GPT-4 model when you go on this page.

5. Tracking Usage

You can track your API usage on this page. Make sure to keep your account topped-up and in good standing to avoid failed AI jobs when using KWHero.

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